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About (Com-Guard Inc.)

Theft of personal and corporate information has become an immense problem that is growing at an alarming rate. Today, Identity Theft is the leading complaint received by the Federal Trade Commission. Additionally, laptop and desktop computers are prime targets for physical theft since they can be sold into the used computer market. Add to this the growing problem of objectionable content suddenly appearing on the display in your home or office, and one can rapidly recognize that there is a dark side to the technological revolution we’ve experienced. Most recently it has become evident that even the cellular telephone marketplace is experiencing problems with privacy and security violations.

To help deal with these issues, Com-Guard, Inc. has focused its efforts on the design and development of products that provide data and hardware protection, PC access control, the control of program usage, cellular security protection and the filtering of Web and email content.

Corporate Overview

Com-Guard, Inc. was incorporated on October 7, 1998. For the first 3 years of its existence the company spent its time on product development. Beginning in Spring of 2002 the company began marketing and sales activities and is continuing to develop its market channels both in the United States and Internationally.

The primary mission and focus of Com-Guard, Inc. is to develop products for the microcomputer industry that provide cost effective and enhanced system security for both individual users and network administrators.

The Company’s products cover a broad range of applications. Com-Guard Pro™, a patented hardware and software product, includes a Sensor-Card™ circuit board that is installed in the PC to provide a security system against physical tampering, theft, and unauthorized use of the computer and its data.

The software can function in a stand-alone manner to protect the users files, and monitor system events. The software only product is sold under the tradename ComputerSafe™.

The Company also offers an advanced multi-user/multi-purpose SecurePC™ that isolates users and their data from one another and controls multi-network access using smart cards and passwords to grant appropriate user rights.

To address the objectionable content filtering control needs of parents and administrators, Com-Guard offers SafePC™, a leading edge real-time filtering and desktop management/control program.

In addition to the products mentioned above

This group of products provides users of personal computers and wireless devices with various user-selected controls (1) Internet security, (2) file security and content control (including data, programs, websites and e-mail attachments), (3) internal facility security and (4) subscription services to enable ISP and cellular phone service providers to offer a suite of security solutions that protect against today’s most serious threats.

The Company has a patents in the United States, that covers the implementation of the Com-Guard Pro and other hardware products. Copyright law protects software products.