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Total Access Control and System Security


Multi-User / multi-configuration system

With smart card security

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computer security



Sample of possible applications:

•  Host Token Access Control

•  Home Office/personal data separation

•  Corporate Telecommuter / Family Use

•  HIPAA Health privacy regulations

•  Multiple OS Laboratory test-bed

•  Classroom access controls

•  VPN Access Management

•  Utilization logging

•  Industrial Control / Factory Automation

   (IP54 approved)

•  Secure / Separated Data Back-up

•  Facility Management


Protecting digital assets whether on a single computer or the entire network begins with managing access. The SecurePC™ patented Smart Card technology delivers user access control in a new way. It’s unique internal control unit and patented power distribution system ensures an easy to manage but totally secure environment. Additionally, it tracks all sign-on/off events in a secure log.


SecurePC brings security to a different level through the use of “hard-wired” configurations. It can maintain up to nine independent and isolated configurations within one PC with each one having different user rights and individual privacy of data.


The SecurePC uses a patented built-in security technology to prevent internal tampering and even the  out-right theft of the system. Files can be secured in several ways including 256-bit AES encryption. The system can also be configured to send email, SMS or pager notifications in the event of a security violation.


Managing up to eight different bootable hard drives and all other hardware assets, the SecurePC ensures that all activities, including damaging behaviour, on one “System Configuration” never affects the others. This keeps total separation of programs, data and even different operating systems in one PC. Until now, the combination of data security and flexible usage has not been possible on PCs either at home or in the office.


User profiles (Dynamic Configuration Management)


The SecurePC supports up to nine user profiles. Each user profile is allocated access to a specific set of internal devices. Up to eight hard disks and/or CD ROM drives, and two NIC or modem cards as well as other devices can be supported. Control is maintained with an internally mounted control unit that enables or disables specific devices at boot-up, independently of the system BIOS. Each device is individually associated with one or more user profile(s). A user profile is, therefore, best described as a set of devices that are active when a particular User Profile is “logged-on”. A secure SuperUser (System Administrator) profile creates Smart Cards and sets internal system parameters.


Access control system


The access control system is managed through a combination of a token (SmartCard) and/or a user “Pin-Code” (password). Together these identify valid assigned user profiles and control those resources granted to specific users or user groups and their level of access to the system. A SmartCard is typically assigned to one user who inserts it and enters their pin-code to gain access to their user profile on the SecurePC.


At the highest control level, individual SecurePCs are assigned into a “Domain/Group”. SmartCards can be registered with up to 20 domain/groups and can only log-on to SecurePCs established in corresponding domain/groups. The combination of using SmartCards, pin codes, profiles and domain/groups provides flexible security using one paradigm within an organization.


The pin-code and SmartCard are authenticated internally in the SecurePC controller, protecting against common methods of stealing pin-codes/passwords. All log-in and log-out events are tracked with time stamp data in the protected control unit.


Time access monitoring


The SecurePC incorporates both user-time control and client system-time control access management and only when both these time-frame criteria are valid can the user gain access to the system. An internal clock, accessible only to the SuperUser, prevents users from gaining access by resetting the system time.


Software tools


In a Windows environment, the SecurePC includes software that password protects and encrypts individual data files. Attempted access violations, including attempts to guess passwords, can create an alarm event that sounds an audible alarm and/or sends multiple emails, SMS (Cell) and or pager messages. A video option uses a camera to collect video evidence of unauthorized attempts to access the system or even individual files if necessary.


Virus and hacker proof


The security and usage features are independent of software on the SecurePC and are therefore fully operating system and platform independent. This makes for a very efficient solution that can be used under any operating system. The SecurePC is available with or without Windows XP.

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   - Proximity-based token access

- Managed (NIC) Interface Card- Intrusion protection system


SecurePC Pro add-on Features

- User Log-off function during process

- Fingerprint recognition access

- Recording of raw data from equipment

- Recording of Keyboard inputs

- User-timeout function

- Secure handling of log files


SecurePC Pro-Advanced add-on Features

- Control of the PC’s keyboard

- Recording of raw data from equipment

- Allocation of user rights

- Time synchronization

- Timeout function

- Digital signature

- IP54 approved

- Protected connection to GXP network


Configurations: (subject to change)

Mid Tower or High Tower

Win XP Home or Win XP Pro – User specified Operating System

Minimum 256 MB Main memory 512 MB recommended

80GB Hard Disk (2 - 8 drives)

CD ROM or CD/RW DVD  Combo

Cases to accept up to 2-8 disk drives – user defined 

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