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SafePCTM Content Filtering and Control 


Content Filtering and Desktop Security Analyzes and Stops objectionable images

and text, and Manages program usage


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• Protects users from harmful Internet exposure
• Provides advanced Parental and Administrative control
• Employs real-time Content Filtering for web & email
• Contains patented Image and Text Recognition Technology
• Blocks pornographic, weapon & racist web content
• Limits program usage to specific time periods
• Locks out installation of unauthorized software
• Provides PC control and protects your family

Some Alarming Statistics

  • 11 years old – The average age of the first Internet exposure to pornography*

  • 8 to 16 years old – 90% viewed porn online while doing homework*

  • 20% of men & 13% of women admit to accessing pornography at work*

  • 27% of Fortune 500 companies have been subject to sexual harassment lawsuits related to inappropriate email or Internet use. (ePolicy Institute)

*TopTenReviews, Inc.

To ensure that your children or employees are not exposed to the harmful effects of unsuitable online content, namely pornographic, violent, or racist information, you need a software program that prohibits the viewing of such material.

SafePC™’s Desktop Security & Content Filtering enables parents, educators, and system administrators to take control over the level of Internet content censorship that is to be enforced by the system, the web pages and images the PC can display, which software programs can be run and at what times of day they are permitted to be used.

To restrict the amount of time children or employees spend using recreational aspects of the computer such as gaming, chat rooms or surfing the web, a parent or System Administrator can lock down those applications between specific times of the day to create “restricted access” periods. 

SafePC makes it possible to customize the setting for each computer user, based on their computer logon name. Only the Administrator of the system - the password holder - can make any changes but still have full access to all system resources, installed programs and websites.

SafePC™ automatically displays a message whenever an attempt is made to view objectionable material with indecent images and words. Attempts to run disallowed programs are simply ignored, as are attempts to install new programs or shutdown SafePC™.

With software piracy issues gathering increased momentum, businesses could also maximize employee productivity using the suite’s Desktop Security program, which allows administrators to block the use of unapproved/unlicensed Windows software such as games etc.

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Don’t just take our word for it - try it yourself and see how SafePC can benefit you.   For your free evaluation of SafePC please visit our website or call us for details for details.

Using advanced ‘real-time’ Image Composition Analysis (ICA) technology developed by First 4 Internet, Ltd., SafePC’s Content Filtering is truly on the cutting edge of Internet security in its ability to intelligently and accurately identify pornographic and other offensive images and restrict them from being displayed. Image analysis modules perform tens of thousands of algorithmic calculations in real-time, contextually analyzing face, edge, background, foreground, skin, shading and texture to determine the nature of the image.

Optimized for the home and SME market, the product also features a text analysis function, which protects users against objectionable predefined words and phrases on websites or in the body of emails. As the official System Administrator, one can choose to block access to certain information, safeguard against inappropriate language in chat sessions - as well as protecting children or employees from divulging personal or confidential information. 

The analysis routines have been “trained” over a period of four years to identify pornographic/offensive images and text in digital-data transmissions such as web surfing and e-mail.

Administrators or parents are also provided a further control of web site access through the use of a feature that allows them to label specific web sites either “Blocked” or “Allowed”. This Black and White List helps insure that known offensive sites are not viewed while letting other known acceptable sites through the filter. Based on Com-Guard’s expertise and knowledge of the security requirements of the home and SME users, the system is highly effective and simple to use.

Desktop Security and Control

SafePC’s Desktop Security allows you as the parent and System Administrator to monitor and prohibit access to certain programs on your computer. A password protected user interface provides complete control over the use of your computer. It allows you to select from a list of programs that you wish to be controlled or completely blocked. When users attempt to launch a program such as a web browser, a window advises them they have been stopped from accessing it. Users can also be restricted from installing new programs without the proper approvals of  an authorized parent or Administrator who controls the password and can make proper decisions on program availability to other users.

Software: Automatic set-up for Internet Explorer, MS Outlook  and Outlook Express. User set-up required for use with all other Internet browser and email software. 

Attention: This product’s Content Filtering works by setting up a local proxy and cannot be used in conjunction with another proxy (e.g. AOL® Browser). However, AOL and users of other proxy-based browsers can utilize the Desktop Security features of the product effectively and without any degradation of performance.  © Copyright 2003 - 2005 All Rights Reserved Com-Guard, Inc.  Specifications are subject to change without notice.

 System Requirements:

We recommend that you use SafePC Content Filtering on a computer that meets, or exceeds, the following specification.

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Recommended Minimum System Requirements:

• Pentium® III 750 MHz processor (or compatible)

• 128Mb RAM (or higher)

• 40Mb free Hard disk space

Operating Systems supported:

• Windows 98®SE

• Windows ME®

• Windows 2000®

• Windows 2003 Server®

• Windows XP® Home and Professional


















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