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ComputerSafe Security Software  

Detect – Protect – Notify

(under development)

     The Most Effective Way To Protect Yourself Against Identity Theft, Safeguard Your PC And Secure Your Files From Unauthorized Use or Access


(under development)






ComputerSafe detects, protects, and reports a variety computer system security threats, including identity theft and firewall break-ins more effectively than any other product or service.  It can also be instrumental in recovering lost or stolen computers.



  • Password protect files, folders and the PC against Identity Theft or unauthorized access

  • Lock, hide and encrypt data to prevent firewall break-ins, new virus and spyware

  • Monitor keyboard activity, establish alarm criteria and use a camera to capture intrusions

  • Dispatch immediate notifications of events that violate your configuration settings

While all computers should have anti-virus and firewall protection, these safeguards are only partially effective. Real danger stems from new viruses, spyware and new hacking methods launched over the Internet. Furthermore, these measures do not prevent internal attacks which are more common and often more costly and dangerous than those externally generated.

Traditional safeguards do not protect you!

As its name suggests, ComputerSafe provides an internal “Safe” inside your computer where you can store your vital information and protect yourself against identity theft and data security breaches.
ComputerSafe safeguards a virtually unlimited number of files. Its unique combination of file protection, event recording, and notification messaging guards critical programs and data to protect against loss, corruption and unwanted access.


Identity Theft On The Rise

Identity theft grows more common every year.


  • Identity theft complaints are rising in number every year.

  • The average cost to cope with the damage to their accounts and reputations is $1,000 says the FTC.

  • The Chief of the FTC's Bureau of Consumer Protection said, "What we are seeing increasingly is identity theft because some insider steals information and sells it".

  • It accounted for 43% of all reported fraud complaints, the number one complaint for 3 years running.

Justice Dept estimates as many as 700,000 people victimized by identity theft bandits each year.


ComputerSafe saves you from this nightmare by locking your important information away safely through encryption, hiding files, and password protection.

Password Protection Made Easy

ComputerSafe software is like having a security guard standing watch over your sensitive files. You can password protect certain files or quickly. Or if you choose, password protect your whole PC.

Deny Access To Your Whole Computer
If you like, you can go beyond
password protecting your files and to password protecting your whole computer. Simply set the ComputerSafe security software so your computer boots up to a password protected screen. This takes the term "screen saver" a whole new level.

You are the only one who knows the password and the only one allowed to use your PC. No more guessing who’s on your PC when you are away.

File and Folder Locking, Hiding and/or File Encryption

ComputerSafe quickly encrypts your files. You are the only one allowed to decrypt them. Even if someone stole your PC they still wouldn’t be able to read your files. Select the protection you desire with a few mouse clicks, assuring your files and other assets are kept safe from any identity theft threat. . If you choose, your files won’t even show up in your directory structure.

ComputerSafe safeguards a virtually unlimited number of files. Its unique combination of file protection, event recording and notification methods guards critical programs and data to prevent loss, corruption and unwanted access. Files can be locked, hidden and/or encrypted using a 256-bit encryption algorithm to remain unreadable even if scanned at the lowest levels.  ComputerSafe also encrypts photos.

News Flash: Over 50% of computer security violations are reported to be from internal sources.

Encryption is what the experts recommend if you want to protect yourself from hackers. Strong encryption is very difficult to break.

Violations are Tracked and Stored

ComputerSafe detects the first indication of identity theft attempts by recording unauthorized access violations in a protected event-log file. A time and date stamped description of the threat, along with key stroke activity are recorded to provide clues as to the intruder's intentions.  Unauthorized file access attempts and outright attacks are recorded for forensic analysis. 

Notification Services – Theft Recovery

ComputerSafe provides another method of protection by sending various types of remote notifications when violations occur - pages, phone calls and emails. If the system is set up to record video of the violation, the resulting video clip can be attached to the email*. Additionally, if the system is stolen, the next time it is connected to the Internet and an internal ComputerSafe alarm is tripped, an email notification will be sent containing the IP address of its location. This data can be used to physically locate the computer.

Support for external storage media

ComputerSafe supports encryption of files that are stored on removable media for transportability or backup in the same manner as it does on your hard drive. 


ComputerSafe software




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* PC Camera required for video

 User Friendly Configuration Menu

Configure the type of protection desired in

various situations. Settings are password



System Configuration

▪  Windows 2000, 2003 Server or XP

▪  10MB open disk space

▪  128MB RAM System memory

▪  Communications channel as needed for notification

▪  Pentium processor or equivalent






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