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Com-Guard Pro

Com-Guard ProTM with Sensor-CardTM



Turn your PC into a security system to physically protect your home or office!


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                                                    $149.95                                        $99.95

You Can Now Easily Protect Yourself From Identity Theft, Viruses and Hacking
Lock down your private computer files! Monitor and Control Internet Use.

 security system

Com-Guard ProTM




Remote Control




Remote control, “One-Button” locking like a automobile alarm

  • Vibration sensor for protecting against physical tampering and theft

  • External sensor connections to provide site surveillance

  • Supports Video, Motion and Magnetic sensors

  • 110 decibel siren to sound alarm and scare off intruders

  • Internal backup power operates if computer is off or unplugged

  • Battery back-up for continuous protection

  • ISA-bus or PCI-bus format compatible with most PCs

  • Restricts unauthorized access to files regardless of method of attack

  • Encrypted file protection is a user option for additional data security

  • Keyboard monitoring (records keystrokes) to determine intentions

  • Tracking of all applications that are started

  • Event log tracks all events on PC to "back track" activity

  • Screensaver hides data left on screen from prying eyes until unlocked

  • Password protection (even configuration settings) allows simple system management

  • Video capture (optional) to catch violators in the act and collect evidence

  • Email / Pager / Phone dial out for prompt event notification

AC Adapter

Battery Back-up

Optional Motion Sensor


Computers are an essential component of virtually every modern business - and their value lies not only in the equipment, but also in the data they contain. Protecting this equipment and data can be one of the best investments your business ever makes.

While over 8 billion dollars are lost annually due to theft of entire computers, did you know that substantial theft is attributable to tampering and theft of components, such as mice, memory, disk drives, keyboards, etc.?  And of course the most significant loss is often the data on the system.

What could be even more expensive and have possibly greater repercussions to a business than its equipment? Very! Unauthorized access to a company PC's can range from office co-workers accessing confidential and sensitive files without proper authority or consent, to downloading viruses sent via e-mail from unknown sources. Think about it...the consequences could be devastating.

Com-Guard, Inc. provides a wide range of solutions for detecting and reporting unauthorized activities involving computers, files, and ancillary equipment. A small investment today could save thousands of company dollars tomorrow.

You can get Com-Guard Pro™ with the Sensor-Card™ right now by clicking on the "Buy" button above and providing the required data and credit card information. You will receive your Com-Guard Pro™ with Sensor-Card™ shipment via standard shipping.


Com-Guard Pro’s Patented Sensor-Card™ provides your company with a sure-fire, first level of defense! Using both an internal sensor to detect vibrations caused by computer movement, and multiple external sensors Com-Guard™ becomes a powerful way to monitor your computer assets AND the actual site itself.

Com-Guard Pro™ allows you to customize system configuration using flexible user-setup menus to sense any movement of the computer or its cover from their normal position, monitor the computer's power to alert the user if it is unexpectedly powered down, continuously monitor peripherals to detect if they are being removed (printer, monitor, scanner, etc.), deny unauthorized access of protected data or program files, conduct continuous site surveillance with optional motion or magnetic sensors, and initiates an audible alarm on unauthorized site access or suspicious activity.

The Sensor-Card™ includes a 110-decibel audible siren that provides a warning alert to the owner of the system.

The system can be armed with a remote control device that can be carried on a key chain, similar to that used in automobile alarm and access systems. This simple click-on/click-off convenience encourages the user to arm the system even when away for short periods.

In addition to the Com-Guard Pro™ Sensor-Card™ protecting the physical equipment and site, Com-Guard’s software allows the user to lock out certain applications, directories, e-mail, and other files. Com-Guard™ provides an event log of all attempts at unauthorized access. This data security feature protects against local attempts to open files via the keyboard as well as from any intrusion that may come in from an on-line connection to the Internet.

With the Sensor-Card™, Com-Guard’s notification services feature will contact you or a designated person via pager, phone or email of any event detected through the monitored sensors. Com-Guard™ can essentially become the heart of a simple but effective security monitoring system. Plus, if you have an Internet camera attached to your system, Com-Guard™ will take and store a video clip and can even send it as an attachment to an email.

Knowing the time and date of the attempt and the name of the file that was targeted may help lead to the identification of the person who initiated the unwanted action.

You can purchase Com-Guard Pro™ with the Sensor-Card™ now and begin to enjoy peace of mind by clicking on the “Buy” button.

PCI Version Buy Now       ISA Version Buy Now

                                                    $149.95                                        $99.95

System Configuration

▪  Windows 2000, 2003 Server or XP

▪  10MB open disk space

▪  128MB RAM System memory

▪  Communications channel as needed for notification

▪  Pentium processor or equivalent


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