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Secure Printing

Failsafe Secure Mobile Printing Made Easy printSpot™ Mobile Printing Technology

The PrintSpot Technology provides four key components that must come together to facilitate failsafe Secure Mobile Printing: Connection, Support Document Accuracy, Full Function Print System, and a User Friendly Experience.

printWiFi™ is a Secure Mobile Printing Controller allowing for the use of Legacy or new USB printers independent of how they are presently connected to a network. After downloading the free printView™ App, the controllers provide a failsafe mobile printing solution. The App is available on mobile device specific sites like Apple and Google Play stores. The printWiFi controller connects to local existing printers “wherever you are” through a USB connection. Most printers have a USB-B connection even if they are connected via Ethernet or WiFi to a secured network.

Mobile devices use WiFi to connect directly to the printWiFi Controller eliminating the need for mobile devices to access existing networks which (while traveling/mobile) are often secured and unavailable to a mobile user and their mobile devices. 

printView App (downloaded from specific mobile device sites like Apple and Google Play Stores) supports Document Accuracy by enabling printing from Microsoft Office Apps (Word, PowerPoint and Excel). printView also prints pdf, txt, html, jpg, png, bmp, gif document formats created by other iOS Apps and Android Apps (Pages, Numbers, Keynote and Quick Office).

Full printer functions are provided by the printWiFi controller through intelligent and automatic printer communications. The printWiFi and queries connected printers to understand which Printer Description (PPD) is required and what features are capable by each printer. The controller automatically builds the printer communications and options table to provide Full Printer Functionality without ever downloading a printer driver. The combined solution (with printView the App on the mobile device) providing Full Printer Functionality to the user from a mobile device.


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